New Developments

It has been a busy summer!  I have enjoyed my fair share of boating trips, business travel and just plain summer fun.  While I have been hard at work and play, I have also been working on a few things in the interwebs.

So for my 9-5  (more like 6:30am - 11:00pm)  I have been tossing around the idea of starting a licensing-centric blog.  DUH- I already have one of those- but this would be a more refined, professional concoction of randomness than the fine blog you are currently reading.  This would be a kinder, gentler blog. (well, right now- it's more like a blog-ette)  This blog would be centered on the licensing of music... specifically Classical music, but not confined to the genre specifically.  There will ultimately be a great deal of cross-posting as many of the topics I cover there will be of interest to Is This Binding.  Plus I have high hopes that having another presence in the blogosphere will help drive traffic to my other muse, .  that site is still under construction- but will ultimately be a one-stop destination for licensing Classical, World and Jazz music for film, TV, advertising, etc.

Naxos Music Library

I am also quite proud to say that the Naxos Music Library- the product for which I was originally hired at Naxos has now officially come of age.  In just 5 years it now features more than 500,000 tracks (that's a HALF MILLION- people!!!) of Classical, Jazz, Folk, World, Jazz, and Rock music...  a virtual college music library/public library music collection!  In that time- we have also managed to make sure that this service has matriculated to the very top research institutions in the world!  Basically every major University you can name is a subscriber and a great deal of public libraries are as well.  It is now utilized in more than 28 different countries! <proud papa moment>  If you havent ever checked it out- be sure to go take a look... there is free trial access available... take it for a test-drive.

Ok- that's all for now...  Til next time