Music to Concentrate by...

Excited to see this mention of Will Henshall's (London Beat fame) new digital music service Focus@Will in today's Digital Music News.  The only thing missing from that article is the mention that Naxos is the exclusive provider of the carefully selected Classical Music utilized to help people concentrate using his service.  This was one of those really fun out-of-the-box deals to do.  I am so pleased to see it coming to fruition now!  

For more on the article: Digital Music News


For more on the music and how to get your hands on it: NaxosLicensing

Remix: The Petition

Please take a moment to look at this petition and sign it if you agree with the principle that people should be able to remix items in our popular culture to create transformative new works of art.  In essence, remix videos offer creative ways to educate, empower, entertain, and politicize people around the world.  As an intellectual property owner, I believe that hampering creativity and demonizing this type of expression is detrimental to the original purposes of copyright which was to promote the creation of new works.  Certainly, the use of one's intellectual property to create something for monetary gain should be done so with permission, but we are talking about students, and non-monetized artists here... using existing visuals and audio as building blocks to create a new, original work.