Music to Concentrate by...

Excited to see this mention of Will Henshall's (London Beat fame) new digital music service Focus@Will in today's Digital Music News.  The only thing missing from that article is the mention that Naxos is the exclusive provider of the carefully selected Classical Music utilized to help people concentrate using his service.  This was one of those really fun out-of-the-box deals to do.  I am so pleased to see it coming to fruition now!  

For more on the article: Digital Music News


For more on the music and how to get your hands on it: NaxosLicensing

SOPA SOPA Explained- Guardian UK

Not sure what this morning's news that the House had "killed" SOPA will mean (obviously there will be other bills- or revisions at least), the the video above is quite telling.  Sitting directly in the middle by representing copyright holders, but being an ardent fan of Free Speech- I am conflicted on SOPA's over-reaching ability if in-acted..  Perhaps I wont have to choose a side