Music to Concentrate by...

Excited to see this mention of Will Henshall's (London Beat fame) new digital music service Focus@Will in today's Digital Music News.  The only thing missing from that article is the mention that Naxos is the exclusive provider of the carefully selected Classical Music utilized to help people concentrate using his service.  This was one of those really fun out-of-the-box deals to do.  I am so pleased to see it coming to fruition now!  

For more on the article: Digital Music News


For more on the music and how to get your hands on it: NaxosLicensing

To Stream or Not To Stream

Being in the middle of negotiations regarding streaming VS physical goods on a constant basis makes this subject especially near and dear to my heart.  Til the end of time, the old guard will debate the relevance of streaming and the fact that it "killed the music industry" along with piracy... there is some truth to the statement re: piracy.  However, the music industry killed the music industry.  We weren't murdered.  We committed suicide.  Failure to adjust to the moving target which is our business is our own fault.  Business decisions should not be dictated by fear... but weighed and dictated by optimism.  

Simple fact.  Customers consume music in a variety of ways.  Some stream, some own.  To not engage those customers due to a fear of cannibalizing another income stream is short-sighted.  Streaming services pay... but so does Sound Exchange and the other PRO's.  In a a big way.  Revenues will be offset by other streams of income and at the end of the day the companies who realize this will be the ones left standing.  The ones who fail to embrace it will go the way of Eastman Kodak, Gateway, Betamax and the Polaroid camera.


Below is a link to NARM and's new infographic on streaming.  This gives some good insight into the affect streaming has on No. 1 hits.  The results albeit not scientific are pretty telling...


Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 10.15.39 AM