American Idol + Ellen Degeneres = FAIL

Well everyone, It was announced this week that Ellen would be the new American Idol judge replacing Paula Abdul.  No matter how you feel about Paula, it is hard to even infer that Ellen has 1/10th the musical prowess of her predecessor.  This coupled with the news I just received of Ellen's utter disrespect for music and the makers of music through her show's refusal to pay royalties on the music "featured" on her show tells me that she no more belongs on AI than I do as the King of England.

According to Digital Music News, All four majors have now filed suit demanding that royalties be paid.  The show's producers have denied royalties to the copyright owners because they "did not roll that way."   This pathetic disregard for music, music makers, and copyright law proves to me that she has no place anywhere near this industry.

Her appointment as a judge on American Idol proves to me that the show's producers are catering to the lowest common denominator,  looking for the popular vote and continuing to dumb down this show until it falls into the oblivion.  Let's face it, it has been going down ever since season 1 and with this move it will continue to do so.  No offense is meant to Ellen, as I do find her funny enough however she would be better suited alongside "The Hoff" on America's got talent...  save the music judging for musicians.

Okay I'm Done.  Happy Weekend Everyone.

PS: Sorry about my laziness in posting lately... my cup overfloweth.