Piracy counts for 25% of the World's Internet Traffic

Imagine if 1/4 of all of the food sold in the grocery store were stolen.  Imagine 1/4 of all of the cars driven on the streets as having been stolen off of a dealership lot.  Impossible!  There is no way our society would allow such arrogant defiance of the law.  Well, a report issued yesterday by Envisional, a firm hired by NBC Universal found that nearly 1/4 of all internet traffic is "digital theft."  Of all of the illegal traffic, BitTorrent accounts for about 50%, Cyberlockers account for a scant 5.1 percent, illegal streaming video sites grab 1.4% and the rest from P2P.

So what does this mean for music?  According to Digital Music News, music accounts for just 3% of the media pirated on BitTorrent while hollywood grabs a solid 35%. Hopefully our friends out west will be able to make some noise to slow this trend better than the music industry has... Otherwise we might just all be doomed.