I have officially been pimped!

Yesterday was a really interesting adventure for me. I was (actually) interviewed for my FIRST PODCAST EVER! I know this may seem very mundane as obviously anyone with a blog must already podcast, or at least be involved with the podcasting world in some way, but this is very exciting for me. Up until now, my podcasting experience has been limited to listening. I had mastered the art to subscribing to feeds and listening intently, but had not yet mastered the art of actually talking. I was interviewed by Joe Pisano and Darren Morton of Mustech.net, a music technology and education blog with a bodacious readership! All in all, I must say that I am quite the talker and have officially been dubbed an "expert" in my field by Joe (I must really have him tricked). Most of the conversation revolved around what I have been doing at Naxos in regards to the Naxos Music Library, our online educational streaming database and Naxos Wind Band Classics, the Band Music Imprint I started a few years back. I probably could have talked for an hour on each subject, but Joe kept me on topic and in line. Hopefully, I will get to do more podcasts with these two in the future. All in all, it was a really great experience for me and I hope you enjoy listening!

If you want to give it a listen go HERE