iTunes offering free streaming of new RHCP Album

Perhaps I have been under a rock, or simply not paying attention, but it would appear that iTunes is now offering pre-release streams of upcoming albums.

The Red Hot Chili Pepers' new album, "I'm With You"  is now available for listening at iTunes .  It will be streaming free until the album's release date.   In addition to streaming via iTunes, the Chili Peppers are also hosting a slew of streaming listening parties World-wide for interested fans.  For more information, check out their website.

It certainly would appear that RHCP has taken an agressive 360 degree marketing campaign on their upcoming release.  Between their listening parties, twitter meme, iTunes, and Livestream partnership and revamped website featuring global imaging by Google they are certainly pulling out all the stops.  As I type this I am two tracks in and so far Anthony, Flea, Chad and Josh continue to deliver that pure RHCP sound two decades after their music caught my ear initially.  Go have a listen!