Lady Gaga only worth 99¢

Well, this isn't my personal opinion... but according to today Lady Gaga's newest album (featuring the fastest selling Single in history)  is available for 99¢.  I'm not sure if I view this as the deal of a century or an absolutely offensive indicator of where the music business is going...  Of course what Amazon and Gaga are banking on is the fact that people who would have NEVER bought her full length album (like me) will now buy it, consume it, become fans, buy concert tickets/t-shirts/keychains, and join the legions of other Monster faithful in the cult of Gaga.  Incidentally, you can get all of the above from Amazon (except for the tickets- but I am sure they will find a way into that racket soon enough.)

The thing about this move that keeps me wondering is will the tonnage of sales of this one day $! album mean vast revenues for Lady Gaga and Interscope, or will it only cheapen her product when it has a retail face value more in line with what we are used to?    Certainly this is a calculated move, but really?  The whole album is only worth $1?  REALLY?  Of course this is not the first time an established act has done something outside of the box with a new release...  Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, and the entire label X5 have had releases built around the discount album but I find it hard to believe that arguably the most marketable name in pop music needs to result to this type of fumblrooskie on her album launch to gain (even more) chart dominance.  I would love to know if there is any back-end remuneration happening from Amazon on this "promotion."

File this one under "things that make me scratch my head" and "too cheap not to give it a try".  Here goes nothing...