DAR.fm - "Record, play and pause your favorite radio using DAR.fm"

Well, he has done it again.  Michael Robertson, founder of MP3.com, MPRtunes, and a number of other rule-testing music startups has rolled our DAR.fm.  Aptly a shortening of digital audio recorder, this service allows you to choose any radio show broadcast on virtually every radio station in the World and seamlessly capture that show for later listening.  Featuring more than 1000 stations from countries all around the world, this is certainly an interesting offering. Upon first look, I figured I must give this a try... so I signed up for their Beta.  Quickly I realized that the back-end for this site is none other than MP3tunes.com (one of Michael's other ventures).  The interface is simplistic and easy to use.  It isn't the most attractive UI, but it gets the job done.  After a few searches, I found myself saving shows that aren't available in my neck of the woods..  and after going back to hear my recorded shows- I found that the audio is not as terrible as I had suspected it might be.  The service works.  It isn't fancy, or extravagant, but it works.  A Hyundai if you will.

As I find myself clicking around and saving radio shows which will be available to me later at my new MP3tunes.com account, I cant help but wonder about the legalities of such a venture.  Michael's defense is that this is essentially DVR, but for Radio.  Which is a point I can see being very relevant, however in my experience- anytime a digital service uses or makes use of other people's content red flags go up, sirens and bells go off, and take down notices ensue.  I kind-of hope that doesn't happen in this instance as I am really excited about actually getting to hear the Henry Rollins radio show which is not available in Nashville.. but knowing Clearchannel, Viacom, Cumulus, etc I am certain this will not go down without a fight.  I say way to go Michael, for seeing a need, creating a product and filling a niche.  Who knows how long the service will withstand the legal bombardment it is likely to get, but for the meantime...  listen on!