Music Piracy = Old Dogs and New Tricks

This is gross.  If you are not familiar with Helium, it is an online knowledge base and writer's hub that allows users to chime in with their opinions on a number of topics.  I happened across the piracy topic and cant say that I am surprised by the voter's outcome.  I'm not sure how our society decided that just because things are easier to share and get for free that they should be free.  This  will continue to perplex me.  If you want to chime in and let your opinion be heard, go here and vote!  The only way to solve this problem is to keep educating people.

Ok- Story time:  Recently this discussion happened at my house.  I will use an alias to protect the guilty party.

Sammy Steal's Alot: Hey Emily...  I love that song

Emily:  Yeah it is pretty cool.  Randall got it off of eMusic.

Sammy Steals Alot:  Oh awesome.  Can you burn it for me?  Or copy it onto my ipod?

Emily: Um...NO.

Sammy Steals Alot: Why Not?

Emily: Um... you DO realize how my husband makes a living don't you?  You do realize that the music industry is hemorrhaging from illegal online and offline file sharing don't you?   You do realize this is how these people put food on their tables don't you??

Sammy Steals Alot: Uh... oh.  Sorry.

I am pretty sure this kind of conversation happens in many families.  The only difference is we don't "share" music... not even with blood relatives... and I would bet most do.  Sad.