Autotune Is Not So Evil Now

Full disclosure: I have been a longtime hater of Autotune. For years, I have found Autotune to be repulsive... in pop music it makes up for singers' inadequacies and in rap music it creates "music" for those who have no such talent.  This disdain has been only further flamed by artists like T-Pain and Lil Wayne who have built entire careers around this technology (much like Zapp and Roger did on the back of the Talk Box (which at least required the singer to be able to hold a tune)).

Well now it is apparent.  There is a fine use for this technology.  Enter Autotune The News (@autotunethenews on twitter).  I have know about these guys for a while as their antics using news footage of congress, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and the other list of Washington talking heads have brought about the random office chuckle, but not until now did they get that deep belly laugh... and a bit of entrepreneurial respect.

They recently took a seemingly innocent newscast featuring the near-victims of a home intruder in Alabama and remixed it... furthermore they posted it on iTunes and now it is No. 34 on the download charts!!!!!! That's right folks... this tune beat Ke$ha's "Your Love is my Drug" (like that is hard since she sucks).


Well anyways, here is a tale of witty folks with a cool idea making something of it.  Enjoy the videos below... watch them in order to get the full affect.  Also- be sure to follow these guys on Twitter... for more great parodies through the use of technology...