Infographic: Music, movie & book biz bigger than ever- w/rebuttal

Pretty interesting infographic... skewed, but interesting... Regarding the music comments Id like to add the following.

1.  Global Music Industry Value:  Im not sure where these figures came from... According to the IFPI Digital music only amounted to 5.4 Billion in 2011...  I am sure they are combining the publishing industry as well as touring on top of this to come to this exploaded figure.  On a granular scale, things dont look this rosy.

2. Transactions:  WHO CARES!  The number of transactions is no measure of growth... especially when the value of each transaction has shrunk from $9.99 to $.99.

3. Tracks Catalogued:  Again... a useless fact.  There is and ought to be more music in 2012 than there was in 1949... if this were not the case I would worry...  These numbers should grow exponentially as the music from 1949 is still counted in the 2012 count.

4. Artists' Share:  This is the only figure on this re: music that I find interesting... I take an increased share of earnings for the artists as a GREAT THING.  This is a good sign.

Overall on the music side- it is obvious that they are wanting to paint a pretty picture of an industry that HAS been devastated by the theft of intellectual property.  Their numbers and justification just dont hold any water IMHO.  Of the industries discussed here, Gaming would perhaps be the only one that I find to be growing at an amazing rate... This is no secret... the Gaming companies have been killing it for a decade now.