Gimme some Elbo room...

After a quite typical morning at work today, I had a fascinating skype call with our CEO. He after spending yesterday at a high-level music exec meeting in NYC asked me a peculiar question. "Have you heard of "Elbows"? As our resident blog geek, I was embarrassed to say no. He mentioned that it was all the rage and quite the topic of conversation at the conference he had attended and therefore I immediately went digging to figure out what this "Elbows" is.

Elbows is a music blog aggregator. Featuring everything from MP3 Blogs to musical current events and other commentary, Elbows brings all of the approved blogs under one roof where the user can simply browse from post to post. It is rather selective with what blogs are allowed access to be linked to and browsed... according to the faqs, in order to be considered at least 50% of your blog posts must be music related... I no doubt have submitted myself for admittance into the club and we'll see if I pass the test.

I am looking forward to spending some more time on Elbows to benefit from the readily available access of hundreds of blogs I either haven't heard of, or havent made my way to yet... I have a feeling this is going to be a great resource for industry insiders and fans alike.