Wii Music

Nintendo has just announced the launch of Wii Music in October of this year. They are hoping that "blue Ocean" lightning strikes thrice after the successful Wii Sports and Wii Fit llaunches. According to the press release this game hopes to bring music to the "not good at guitar hero" set. The game will feature more than 60 instruments and more than 50 (bad) songs. I do not see how this can be successful. I may stand to be corrected, but this simply cannot compete with the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I think that demographic is already maxed out on the music making games... Perhaps this will find a way into the old folks homes and even possibly into music therapy circles. That could be a very interesting proposition... digital Orff instruments. I have definitely heard of weirder things. Perhaps my friends over at Mustech.net will be able to comment on the actual use-ability of this product within the realm of music education... Now that would be an interesting thesis.

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