WhammyBlast Launches - 1st Deal of the day site for musicians

Today my friend mDave is launching a new project called WhammyBlast. This is very cool- a deal of the day website for musicians and to celebrate their launch, they are GIVING AWAY a Fender guitar amp! Go to www.WhammyBlast.com to sign up. WhammyBlast: Simply, we're a deal of the day website for musicians. That's it. Daily Deals for Rockers, Rockin' Solutions for Manufactures. That's really it. For those about to rock - we've got deals. For those who've got deals, we got rockers! Well, you get the idea…

Actually, the idea for WhammyBlast was born when one of our founders got a baby grand piano for 300 bucks and thought to himself "Why can't I get deals like this on musical instruments all the time?" Except instead of it being a used 1927 Cable and Son's piano, it would be new instruments and accessories.

We're really just a bunch of musicians and music industry pros from Nashville, TN trying to make the world sound better. Created for musicians by musicians, WhammyBlast started in 2010 with the mission of becoming the definitive resource for finding the best deals on musical instruments, gear, accessories and services anywhere online. All of us here at WhammyBlast share the notion that musicians are spending more and more time online, and less and less time doing what they do best - performing, practicing and writing music!

That's where we come in. And the idea is simple. We work with manufacturers to find the best merchandise at the best prices, and then we generate excitement for those products by offering them at great rates for a limited period of time to our members. You have to sign up for membership to get the deal, but once you're a member, we notify you of these crazy deals before we push them on our site - so you see them first! We don't make any guarantees, but were confident that you'll be extremely hard-pressed to find that item on that day at lower price anywhere online!