Mobilewalla - Making App discovery easy

This is the "year of the tablet."  With the launch of the iPad 2 and dozens of other competitors in the marketplace vying for our attention, it is apparent that the App is going to be an integral piece of the pie and is here to stay.  As we adapt the app-style interface, it is going to become increasingly more important that we have the ability to sort through the chaff and find the perfect Apps for our various needs.  But how do we find what we are looking for outside of the various proprietary App Stores which, let's face it ... leave a bit to be desired?

Enter Mobilewalla.   Launched earlier this month, Mobilewalla provides a cool platform to search for and rate Apps for your various mobile devices.  Currently, the colorful, intuitive interface allows users to sort through Apps previously found primarily on Apple,  Android,  Blackberry  and  Windows  7  app stores.  Apps are graded on a 100 point scale and even the app authors are graded... giving users great insight into other apps they may like by that author.  The site, authored in HTML 5 gives users a seamless, easy to navigate experience to help them find their perfect App to suit their needs... Check it out!