The RIAA are just a bunch of Gangsters

So, what's with the RIAA? I realize that in it's inception, the RIAA had been meant to serve a larger purpose. To protect the interests of the Recording Industry and serve as our lobby, but give me a break. Their latest scare tactic involves soliciting the help of Colleges and Universities in helping track down dubious infringers within the campus internet systems.

This has proved mostly ineffective as at least three schools have already refused to participate (for obvious reasons). University of Wisconsin, Nebraska and Maine have now pushed back on the RIAA's requests and I figure more are sure to turn up soon.

Thr RIAA is simply going to have to find a better way to combat illegal file-sharing. With file-sharing at an all time high, the present methods are obviously not working. Perhaps they should put as much energy into going after the enablers as they are going after the end users. (This is kind-of like going after drug addicts instead of the dealers) ... I mean, come-on!

So I say, good for the schools. Time for a new approach for the RIAA.