Is this what music has come to?

One of the most iconic pop stars in Japan is named Hatsune Miku.  She is quite unique.  She doesnt carry the drama and baggage that the US popstars carry.  She has no bad habits, no drug addictions, no affairs with has-been rockstars, no drama.  She is the perfect pop star.  This is because SHE ISN'T REAL!

Hatsune Miku is a bloody holograph.  She is a holograph that tours, releases music, and runs to the top of the J-Pop charts.  Originally created as a promotional tool to help show off Yamaha's "Vocoloid in a Box", Miku has now become a household name in Japan- playing to thousands of fans.  Her name means "future first-sound" in Japanese and I am quite certain that may be a correct moniker for this "girl".  The music is reminiscent of late 90's "Happy Hardcore."  Listening to it, I expect to see DJ Muppet Fuc#er behind the decks... but am astonished to see this holograph carry the tune to these massive crowds.

Is this a sign of things to come?  Or is this just a freaky phenomenon that will stay on the small island nation of Japan?  Who knows.  The various opinions about Miku are a mixed lot.  Some would say she is a "terrible omen not only for musicians but also the continued existence of the world as we know it." Another perspective looks upon the phenomenon in a more positive note... "forget the tantrums, entourage, and ridiculous riders," and, in an industry where 25 is over-the-hill, she'll stay 16 forever. Ultimately, who knows what this will yield for the real music world.  All I know is this "girl' is for real in the eyes of thousands and may change the very fabric of what we consider to be a pop star.  The next few years will certainly be telling on whether "she" is a phenomenon or a flash in the pan.