The Lost art of Album Art

By Randall Foster My last post on albums got me thinking (along with Kanye's rant about his album art) that perhaps it would be good to feature album art in a post.  Album art is a bit of a lost art form these days I believe.  I'm not sure if it is the diminished size- going from more than a square foot to a measly 6"X6" or if it is simply a representation of our speedy move towards everything digital, quick, and cheap that moved the emphasis away from the artwork in the almighty album.  No matter what the cause- I think it is a shame that future generations may not grow up to know and love album art as we have, did and do (for the other vinyl hoarding Luddites* in the crowd). With that I present a list of my TOP 9 Cover Art of all time. **

[gallery link="file"]

* I dont really consider myself a Luddite... just a huge fan of Vinyl

** Ok.. maybe not of all time- but at least some of my favorites... and why 9 you say?  Because 10 would not have fit neatly in my post... the 3X3 rows are cathartic