Taco Taco! Texas Music Educators recap

Ok Folks, I am sorry.

I am the worst Blogger ever!  But in my defense, this has been a busy spring.  My next blog post will illuminate you as to what I have been up to... I originally typed this February 17 and forgot to post it... so here it is!!!

I just returned from the Texas Music Educators Association convention (TMEA)-  or to the uninitiated... the "everybody who matters and has anything of value for the world or music education" convention.

All I can say is WOW!  This was my first TMEA even though I am quite the legacy.  My Grandfather was President of TMEA in the 1950s!


TMEA is by all accounts much larger than TBA (Texas Bandmasters Association)- or any other conference I attend on Music Education for that matter.  Overall, despite a lousy economy the attendance was really quite good.  Many of my friends from education land were there and the overall picture I got from the state of budgets (at least in TX) was that most were actually doing alright (take a note California).  If Texans know how to do anything- it is play football and field a marching band- both of which they fund mightily.

TMEA was not only a time for me to catch up with my buddies, but also a great time to meet up with old and new clients to discuss current and future projects.  I decided rather than delivering a list of my clients as a recap, I would make a photo montage of them and spent one afternoon taking photos of their booths, products, etc.  These photos are on our Naxos Music Library facebook page here.  Other clients in attendance were Alfred Music Publishing, Hal Leonard, Ivasi, SmartMusic, Professor Carol, and a few I cant seem to remember.

All In All this was a GREAT conference.  The weather did not cooperate as it rained much of the time we were there and it was quite cold, however we made the best of it by imbibing in great Mexican food and our fair share of Margaritas.  Hopefully next year the weather will be better as this is going on my Educational conference list permanently.

Til next time, Over and Out!