Music City Interactive (http://www/

I want to tell you about Music City Interactive.  MCI is a site that was dreamed up over some great greek food with my friend Tony Groticelli.  Tony and I were commenting on the fact that there were multiple factions of tech-minded folks in Nashville.. but they were quite scattered.  I mean... we have Barcamp , Podcamp, Geek Breakfast, Digital Nashville, and probably a dozen other gather places for like-minded geeks but there was not one place you could go to find information on all of these... let alone learn about other interesting happenings around music city. We decided that we would try to do something about it.  We would establish a blog aggregator.  A "Mashable" for Nashville's music and technology set.  Hence the brand spanking new blog: Music City Interactive.  This is very young and at this point.. we are still REALLY working out the kinks, but the idea is- we will have multiple bloggers who write on various issues surrounding technology and music contribute via their RSS feeds.  Here in one place- you will be able to find and learn about (hopefully) every facet of the music, social media, technology and where they all intersect.

CHECK IT OUT! More on this later.