Guitar Hero is for Losers

Alright, it that title doesn't pull you in, you probably have not yet put down your sega genesis controller and are still thrilled with 16 Bit video games.

For the uninitiated, Guitar Hero is the video game phenom that has swept the nation over the past year or so. With several incarnations it was a great way for the everyday little guy to overcome his lack of talent and ambition only to be a star in his own mind for the entirety of "Bulls on Parade." I have to admit, I own Guitar Hero III and have played it a bit, but as I sat in my living room strumming along to my favorite rock songs it hit me all of a sudden... If I spent nearly the amount of time learning how to actually play the guitar that I have spent fiddling with this nifty controller gizmo, I would probably be an alright guitar player... and might actually be able to play those hits of yore.

This annoyance has been bouncing around my head for a few months now, but today several articles popped up on my Google reader that really made this whole subject boil over for me. According to an article I cannot seem to find, now that I am writing (should have tagged it for delicious), the Guitar hero franchise has brought in over 1 Billion Dollars for Activision. Being a capitalist pig, I am normally thrilled to hear of a company's successes, but this financial report was then followed with the fact that Fender, one of the largest guitar manufacturers in the World turned in a measly few hundred Million Dollars last year. You mean the cheap fake guitars outsold the real ones...? What kind of effed up Wal-Mart society have we turned into?

So in protest, I have been scouring the internet for good links to Guitar Hero blog posts and news stories and have assembled them here for good measure. I think after all of this, I am going to go buy myself a guitar and actually practice... that way if I want to call myself a "Guitar Hero", the title will be warranted.

Gods of Guitar Hero

Lego Guitar Hero

Tools for the real Guitar Hero

And the best use I've seen yet for the Guitar Hero