Making your way as the "conductor" of your success

conduct Today as I read my daily liturgy of various blogs and blog posts I stumbled upon a short statement brought forth on Hypebot.

"Raise Your Baton" was the title of this post.  This struck me on a number of levels as both a musician, lover of classical music, business person, and last but not least... the son of a conductor (not train, but music).

In this short post he spoke of the vast amount of resources available and the ease at which one can enter the business community these days whether it be as a record label, publisher, artist, or tech startup.  He goes on to surmise that trying to do it all yourself will drive you nuts and the smartest of entrepreneurs should surround themselves with capable people who can help achieve and accomplish the task at hand.  The smartest entrepreneur will raise their baton and become the conductor of the project.

This analogy is really great.  Some of the people I respect most in this world were the ones willing to admit they didn't know how to do everything.  One such person always used to say- "I don't know how to do everything... that's why I surround myself with experts like youself (moi?)... who do."  Until now I always took this sentiment to be nothing more than a nice statement.. but in fact he is right.  He IS the conductor.  You see, as Bruce Houghton points out- the conductor doesn't know how to play every instrument in the orchestra... but he(she) does know how to  read music and he knows what the symphony should sound like.  The source of my admiration IS the conductor of his business and it's success.

So how do you become the conductor?  Bruce accurately puts it as this... " Start by learning your business.  Assemble the players.  Then raise your baton."  How simple... and perfect!  Music to my ears.