Should you applaud? - a Carnegie World Premier

After attending a World premier concert at Carnegie Hall last week I stumbled upon this and found it to be quite funny.  It is too often the case that people not knowing the music they are listening to break up a perfectly good pause with ill-timed applause. 

Normally, I would write a lengthy review of my experience at Carnegie, however I believe that there is nothing much I could say outside of the words of Steve Smith and the New York Times and it is admittedly a bit difficult to put into words just how special that night was-  with the ensemble I played in, my conductor/mentor (and father) in the audience with me and to be surrounded by so many fantastic friends and colleagues. -- I will say that Mohammed Fairouz has written an intriguing, powerful composition that will go down as one of the great new wind works of the 21st century.  I had the pleasure of  spending time with Mr. Fairouz as well as conductor Paul Popiel and am eagerly awaiting the release of the work on CD through the Naxos Wind Band Classics imprint (which I curate) next November.  I believe this album will be a game-changer for wind recordings.  Time will tell.