Balls of Steel (Macklemore)

So I'm not totally sure if it is a true story- but after buying Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' album "The Heist" (twice- dont ask why), and listening to it top to bottom several times I have realized that these guys have got mad skills, and HUGE balls.  I liked their sound initially, but the track entitled "Jimmy Iovine" shows utter contempt to the old ivory tower record industry ways.  His reply to Jimmy ..."I appreciate the offer... thought that this is what I wanted... I'd rather be a starving artist, than succeed at getting fu@%ed." (true or not- this stuff is good)


To be independently produced, released and topping the charts is a feat in and of itself- but to openly call out one of the godfathers of the music industry without fear of recourse is in and of itself impressive.  These guys prove that the new era of popular music is upon us.  It's all about the story.  It's all about that immediate splash and making yourself known- just ask Amada Palmer.  That genuine message, cultivation of real friendship with your fans and pushing out true content to the people who follow you closest is the key to winning.  

If you haven't bought the album- do it.  It is a fantastic, well versed trip.  If you are lucky- you might find the Amazon discount and grab it for $1.99 (the reason why I have both the censored and extended full expletive version).  This is worth $10 though... or perhaps $15.  These guys are talented.