Busy Busy

So it has been a little over a week since I last posted. I'd be lying if I said it was anything less than a doosey of a week. We are currently getting ready for the trip to CR and it seems that I am staring down the barrel of a gun work-wise.
With all of that on my mind... I can't help but jump with joy over the news I received yesterday. The writer's strike is O-V-E-R!... Finally, I can get back into my favorite sitcom TV. This is very important as I am not sure how many more re-runs of Law and Order I can stomach.
This weekend was especially interesting as I spent several hours yesterday at Podcamp Nashville, a meeting of some of the greatest social network/blog/web 2.0ers of the area. I learned quite a bit about the various tools and toys available in the blogosphere and am excited to play with some of them here! With that in mind I am now adding the twitter plugin... or at least attempting to... for some reason it doesn't show up in my widgets... So you only get a link in the left sidebar for now.

I am going to be silent for about the next week due to the trip to Costa Rica... I will be sure to upload TONS of photos upon my return...