Week End Review... or Holy Crap!

OK, so now that I am doing this whole blog thing again, I thought I might cap out the first week with a short review...

These are my week's headlines:
* I started blogging again... for better of for worse... be happy
*I am now officially running the Country Music Marathon. well... the half marathon... but hey, it's still 13 miles. I started training for it last weekend with my first 4.25 mile run (ever!). I only walked a bit... and am pretty happy about the possibility of gettin my run on.
*Just realized that in two weeks I am going to be in Costa Rica! I will have many pics and outlandish stories upon my return...
*The Superbowl is this Sunday... (does anybody really care?)... I am watching for the commercials.
*and on the music front... $$ Yahoo *may* be coming out with a new digital music service... AFTER they are done being bought by microsoft!
$$ Amazon continues to expand their digital offerings by buying Audible for a measily $300 million
$$ In addition to the audible acquisition, keep an eye out on Sunday for the Amazon - Pepsi promotion... Hey, it worked for Itunes and Coke... Why not?

Well that is it for now... More next week!