Guess Who's Back

Okay, Okay, Okay... I am a BAD BLOGGER... I realize that I may have not given this quite the college try initially... so I am back.

Much has changed in the world of music, yet my opinions by and large remain the same. In order to catch you all up, I will summarize the past 6 or so months; DRM is dead... Amazon assured that. Thank god! I was getting tired of defending my stance (and that of the general population) on that issue.





DRM - Killing Music


Apple Launched the iPhone... This was of course supposed to revolutionize the phone industry and I must admit, it is pretty damned cool, but the exclusive deal with Cingular (Now AT&T [oh yeah, that happened too]) makes it incredibly unattractive to those of us who actually like to use our cell phones for talking.

<Insert Cheesy Verizon Ad Here>

All of the major labels are in shambles... EMI is laying off 2500 people. Let me say this again, EMI is laying off 2500 people. That is like 55 Naxos'. Amazing.... I am so glad I came to work for an independent label!


And I still don't like the RIAA!




Okay... so that pretty much catches us up.


More to come... stay tuned :-)