Whosampled.com (kickass web-app of the week)

Whosampled.com is a super-cool database of current pop/hip-hop/electronic hits and the samples used within them.  The page is incredibly simple although the main page is a bit of a vomit of information...  It isnt what I would call a clean interface, but it is a really neat site for the musically curious.  This all via the web, or their IOS apps.  Not only does it tell you what your favorite pop-star sampled, but it tells you when in the song the sample occurs and also include a youtube link to the music that was sampled...  It is pretty freakin sweet.

Aside from the geekery of this, it also could drive sales of both the original tune sampled and the newer sample-filled work via the pass-thru links to itunes and Amazon... really the simplicity of it is pretty attractive to me and like I said, other music geeks will agree that this is a fun toy err.... I mean tool.  Additionally, it won the EMI innovation Challenge this week... so apparently, I'm not the only person who thinks it is cool.