I Buy CDS!

Yes I said it! I said it and I mean it. I buy CDs. I love CDs in fact. To my knowledge, I have nearly 1000 of the beautiful discs. I generally keep the cases for a while, but always end up placing the CDs in one of my 10 or so Case Logic books. Why do I do this in this digital age we live in? Why do I continue to adhere to my archaic tendencies you ask?


Bucking Trends!


I do this for one reason and one reason alone. I do not want CDs to go away. I still rip everything I buy and believe me, it ends up in Itunes and gracing my Ipod's numerous playlists… but I get something extra for my 10 dollars. I have a pretty shiny piece of plastic to hold onto and I have helped keep my industry afloat (if only for one more minute). Naysayers may indicate that my purchase of that CD did not have any effect, and only further prolonged our slow slip into all things digital (these are the same people who say voting doesn't count because even though you and your best friends all voted for Obama, you live in a red state and the electoral college will make your vote meaningless). But I don't care! This is how I roll. I buy CDs and you should too!


PS: The new Killers CD is PHENOMENAL… go get it today!